Don't bother about some issues, the answers are right here

If you have any trouble booking, you can use the livechat on the website or send us a message on whatsapp (0808-233-0096, 0806-208-1082).
Our payment gateway is handled by Interswitch, Paystack, Teamapt etc and the platforms are protected with a 256 encryption SSL certificate.
Our ticket is valid for a week (7days).
Customers are allowed one free date change. Any subsequent changes will attract a change fee of 1,500. Which must be paid before change can be effected.
Customers are allowed to book and travel on the same day. But the booking must be performed at least 3 hours to the departure time.
The maximum weight of luggage you are entitled to carry is 10kg, additional kg will attract extra charges.
Click on the round trip option on the booking page and follow the prompt
A customer is eligible for a discount after he/she has travelled 30 round trips (to and fro) with us.
Yes, all our vehicle have AC unit unless stated otherwise at the terminal.
If an item is lost on a bus, a lost item inquiry must be reported to our lost and found department found in our branches. Once you've submitted the necessary information on the lost item, it will be entered into our system for processing by our lost and found department. Our lost and found department responds to all loss inquiries. The time frame of response may take several days as an investigation to find the lost item must be completed.
You’re welcome to snack on our buses. However, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the bus.
Sometimes your schedule changes. We want to ensure you can quickly and easily change your reservation to match your new schedule.
Once completed, reservations cannot be canceled or refunded, but they can be traded in for another journey. Alternatively where we fail to provide on time-reliable service, an alternative travel arrangements may be offered.
Customers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older). If you can pass for 18, please have your I.D. ready so we can verify your age. Unaccompanied minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to travel on our bus.