About Us

Ifesinachi Group of Companies has become one of Nigeria’s major indigenous companies, contributing to the economic development of the nation. Better known by the name of the company he founded from scratch- Ifesinachi, Ogbonnaya Mamah was born on April 14, 1942 (after the death of his father, unfortunately). In the late 1950s, the young Mamah compeleted his primary education. With no one to fund his secondary education, he took to serving someone in Onitsha as a houseboy, a typical story of grass-to-grace, much like that of Abrahim Lincoln and James Garfield, both former presidents of the United States. He later left this service for Sapele, where he was involved in manual labour, from which he raised money to return to Onitsha to buy a truck with which he manually transported goods for people, beginning in 1965. This formed the foundation of his transportation business which was to become a major player in the transportation business in Nigeria.
To date, the transport arm of his numerous businesses boasts over 200 luxury buses and 500 modern Toyota Hiace buses, and has in its employ over 3,500 workers.

our mission

Affordable, accessible, sustainable travel. Our mission is to create a world in which every person can fulfill their need for travel. A world where you can easily visit families and friends, access education and economic opportunities, and explore the world.

our vision

An easy and seamless bus travel experience. We try to build good experiences from discovery and search, through arriving at the destination, which is painless and easy. Ifesinachi provides travelers with technology and information to more easy travel by bus.

our core values

Through the company's internal organisation and use of appropriate technology, respecting the requirements of the client, Ifesinachi Transport aims to ensure continuous improvement and increasing efficiency in the provision of services to our customers.